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I am an artist and professor who teaches at Concordia University in Montreal, or Tiohtià:ke, unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory, in Canada. This site is a slow-building archive of my past and ongoing creative practices in painting, drawing, mixed media, installation, performance, collaborative, and hard to categorize art. Creative work is part of the process of scholarly research and reflection for me; it is not so much a matter of one leading to the other as one continuously informing and enriching the other. My work is often community engaged and collaborative; sometimes it is solo and studio-based, but always my work is about a specific place, or site, and the politics of creative engagement with that site.

My art and research have been profoundly shaped by my encounter with feminist art history and theory, feminist architectural history and theory, and feminist spatial theory.  The way I am thinking about the work on this website, and the words I’m using to describe this work – art, projects, spatial practice – are indebted to artist, architect, and author Jane Rendell, who coined the term “critical spatial practice.” I’m also very inspired by the work of Dolores Hayden, muf architecture/art, Elizabeth Grosz, Rosalyn Deutsche, Doreen Massey, and Annmarie Adams.

Details about my scholarly research and publishing can be found at my page, as well as on my faculty page on the website of the Department of Art History, Concordia University. There, you can also find out more about my teaching and graduate advising. There is more to come – visit again soon.

Thank-you for reading and looking.